Wednesday, September 17, 2008

todai at skul having add maths for the 1st and second period
i din't finiish the homework
so scared tat t3acher wil scold
lucky teacher continue teaching
if nt i hab no id3a wat wil happened

aft3r add maths is bm..
bm more sei
tatabahsa din do at all
sastera tat nid to pass up todai also din do
i dun wanna be a pontianak ~!!=(
juz hav to kip mie finger cross
wish tat teacher wun check..@.@
who knows...
|'m lucky todai
we w3nt t0 PAk
hab a little test ther
t3acher torture us..T_T
|t's hard to do~!!

ph3w..i manage to finish mie sastera during chinese lessons
t3acher say us d|n respect her
say we bu gei nian'
cuz we'r doing our own stuff

juz a minute ago
carmen told mi sumting
bliff mii
he care bout u
tats y he wil 'xiong'
so..pls wa|t for h|m
|f u sti| compla|n
i wil knock ur head k...=)
i'm jea|ous..kekekeke

-| caRe about u-
-|'ll k|p eu |n mie heart ti| its very |ast beat-

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