Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pulau pangkor

yeah..chinese new year luxx~!!!!
wer is my ang pau??..Lolz
im addicted to ang pau

on the way to pangkor

gosh...whn i reach lumut
the placed was crowded
many ppl waiting for the ferry
waited for 1hrs++
im tired for waiting the ferry~!!
i supposed on the ferry now~~
bt becuz of an indian gurl..
pushing mi from behind
the gate was close!!!!
bt she stil at therr pushing..


waiting for grandma to gib ang pau..
everyone was excited..=P

ang pau~~here we come..xD

look cousin sis
putting an onion on the table
LOL...wat a funny action
''wan win is lidat''
take out watever u hab..LOL
sum even take out a gold ox..
i gonna faint..

too many ppl..
we no choice but hav to sleep at the living room

my brother

happy bday to my cousin
turn to 16 tiz year
~+yweng zhi+~

-3|th3r stand or fa||-
-wh3n it s|ips from ur hand-
-wh3n ther's no time for jok|ng-
-th3r3's a ho|3 |n th3 p|an-

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