Sunday, August 23, 2009

famine 30 hrs
yohoo...famine 30 for this year was really amazinly fun!!!!

compare to last year...
ther was no air-cond for last year
and we hav to stay under the sun for countdown...
and for mi...i was suffering xD
THIS YEAR!! countdown for famine 30 was held in stadium putra

i wuld say i love this year!♥♥

be4 countdown...

i joined a DIY camp held on puchong

we have to stay ther for 24 hrs while other 6 in stadium putra

activities was planned for us

to help us forget about our hunger

i guess i was lucky
cuz i meet my old frenz...
and he was the group leader for group 8
which is the group where was mi in
''' lovin it ♥♥♥'''
my group member was great..
games tat required team work
and cooperate from each other
we will help each other
to complete our task
we did a good job!
Then...ther was sum artist
having their performance
they was so near to us..xD

 time to sleep..ZzzZzzZZzzZz
during coutdown..
i nva expect tat this year was so differ from last year
well...wad i can say is this year countdown was AWESOME!
everyone was so 'high'
jumping and shaking their hands

the happiest part was...

when ah mei saw us wid our action

which is pointing the hand to the right and left
and she say nice and tidy
and asked all the ppl in the stadium follow us♥♥♥
finally gt ppl SAW us!!!
the feeling was amazing
when everyone follow ur action =P

then for the last 10 second..
i was kip on staring on my V-SOY
3...2....1....YES YES!!!

finally i could drink the V-SOY

which i staring it for 6 hrs...
becuz tat time onli can see
but cannot drink =P

hahaa...tats my ans for the reseacrh xD

Well...2009 30 hours famine end wid high notez~!!!
I rather die than not being an intellect
I have the power to make my life happy or sad
Right now I am happy
Happy because I am completely changed
Happy because now I won’t be humiliated
Happy because I have pledged to keep my dignity
Happy because I have chosen my way of success
Happy because I promised myself
Happy because I have oathed to Love myself
For that I have vowed
A heart full of love
That is how much I love myself now.

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