Monday, December 21, 2009

woohoo~i'm back from nsqkl camp
4 days 3 nitez
my blog was dead for so long =X
well I have been very incredibly lazy to update my blog
recently went for a camp
it's fun and i knew lotz of new friends and not forgot to meet my old friend ther =)
i do really really miss them!!!
i lost my booklet ther and tats y i dun hav all my group member hp num and email T_T
but now i had forgot sum of their name since we're not so close to each other in camp =D
1st day reach there..register
and then start the dancing session =X
this year im addicted to the ''tai ke wu''
while last year was the chick dance =P
my friend and I were separate to different group
1st day...i feel tat there were lotz of stranger surrounding us
we do not know each other...
the feeling was weird when we having dinner with ppl tat we do not know =(

second day~
we still do not know each other yet
each group was asked to make a flag for their own group group ''LITTLE STAR''
surely will draw little star on the cloth and it was nice
too bad that i dont hav the picture of our flag >"<
activities were carry on~
and our catchphrase is...
我sim我sim我sim sim sim
好sim啊~~ (i know is kinda funny)
through those activities
we're getting closer and know each other more
hmmm...this year i strongly feel tat we hav choose wrong person as our leader= =
leader was choosen during playing the games held by my fm dj...
wad can i do is LAUGH!
wad is he doing now...feel pity to rambo =X
oh ya..and not forget to congratz jack as the disco king~! LOL

the food was not as good as last year
many ppl facing diarrhea because of the food
including me =(
i ate a bit only during the camp = =
actually i hav forgot wad happened during the camp
so...juz lets the pictures talk =D
game session

wad they doing huh =)
say cheese~
i believe i can fly~


our leg was hurt..


waiting for KTM to arrive...on the way back to KL


hope to see u guys soon =P
say goodbye to 2009 nsqkl camp
and goodbye to my dear friends <3

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