Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's been 3 day..
i still cant stop myself from missing you
even thought u do not miss me at all
i know im kinda stupid
there's another me in myself
hoping that we can be together again
but yet..i know that's impossible
I've lost my appetite
i cry when i eat
i cry when i bath
i cry at night
i cry before i sleep
i cry when i wake
i try to hold my tears
when i working
when im facing my friend
when im facing my family
i try to keep myself busy
so that i dont have the time to think about you
but ur face just flash infront me
in my mind
and still im thinking about u
the past we've been together
everything i do or see
reminds me of u
am i mad?
can i stop this?
i know im hoping for something that would not happens
so..please allow me to keep all the memories
in the deepest of my heart and seal it =)

I've been on a roller coaster
since u said we were over
so scare to move
without u around

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