Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yeah~! I gonna resign soon =)
7 of May... last day for my work
going to pass up my resign letter tomorrow
Oh..and Happy Birthday to Jin Yee!
She's 18 now!
''sap bat sui, pok pok cui~"
hope she enjoy her 18 =P

Someone asked me..
did i really put it down?
and i asked myself
the answer i get is..NO!
I dint put it down but i keep it in the deepest place of my heart
yea..i still care about him
i will view his fb profile once im on9
search for his name in msn
i really do feel sad when he wont ever text me first
Am i the only one that care about this now =(
Maybe im annoying
So yea..i dont even dare to find him in msn now
and i will wait
till the day which he text me
and say HELLO to me
Let's wait for it =) no matter how long =D

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