Thursday, May 13, 2010

If I could've layed low, I would be creeping 'round the streets
Avoiding all the busy main roads, and keep an ounce of dignity.
If I could've stayed home, I would've slept through everything
Turn off my phone and read the silence, stay in the comfort zone of me.
'Cause, nobody lies in there and, nobody's heart gets broken
Nobody cries in there, but I ain't going in..

When I don't speak, weak and hollow heartbeats

Leaking from my heartsick body sells me out
So I keep this cheap and shallow heartbeat under my control,
And you will never see me weak,
and you will never hear my Heartbeat

If I never met you, I would busy with my life

I would be sleeping through the night.
And if I could forget you, I would go back and look for parts
For patching up my broken heart, and I would shut my aching eyes.
'Cause, nobody shouts in there and, nobody wants forgiveness.
Nobody doubts in there, but I ain't giving in..

disappointed by someone
but since someone dint mind at all
why should i mind?
why should i get disappointed?
so just forget about it
i dont wanna know
i dont wanna care
decision that make by someone
this's what i told myself =)

It's difficult to see from the surface
but everything goes in and it stings
like a spider
hits you deep inside
well..i ordinary breathe =)

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