Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goodbye 17 and Welcome 18 <3>
celebrate my last day of 17 with carmen, jin yee, sheou jun and yok tien =D
they gave me a surprise
they bought me a cake and a dress <3 box =")">Thankss for all my friend that wish me happy birthday

Well... The first day of 18!
We went to Broga around 4.30 and we reach ther around 5.30 =X
we're lost and lucky we meet a guard that give us direction to Broga
The most funny part is the guard is an indian
But he don't know english and he know cantonese!
Oh ya..thanks Soon Leong, Min Yeen and Ah Du for calling me and wish me happy birthday EARLY IN THE MORNING
So... i will let the picture talk =)

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