Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The last person to tag you is?
Ivy =(

What relationship do you have with him/her?
classmate since 2008..^_^!!! what a nice frenz!!

Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
a) rich...which i hope to be like her hahaha
b) hardworking gurll...yea..she is nt like mi lazy gurl = =''
c) hav a gud result in exam..much more better thn mii
c) her hair was long..alwix..althoug she cut it bt stil long
e) mi alott in doing skul works...kip it as secret

The most memorable thing that he/she had done for you.
hmm..memorable..be4 exam at our tutor~THX IVY~

The most memorable thing that he/she has said to you.
i duno...everyting she said was memorable

If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
Omg..tat was imposible..dun be kidding man...i'm nt les ~~XX

If he/she becomes your enemy, you will..
i tink wun be happened..once we are frenz...thn we are frenz 4eva

If he/she becomes your lover , he/she has to improve on..
Tat was imposible she wil become my lover..XD...she are perfect..the guy who lub her shuld accept her include the weakness..[tats cal true lub]

If he/she becomes your enemy , the reason is...
Hmm...because i like to talk?? maybe she wil fill frustrated?

The most desirable thing you want to do to him/her
No idea at all...hab to tinkk about it..

The overall impression of he/her is
Gud in bio ?

How do you think the people around you feel about you?
Frendly..kind..lub to gossip

The character for yourself is?
No idea..hav to ask my frenz hahaha

On the contrary , the thing you hate about yourself is?
oh yea...i'm fat..i hate time to diet

The most ideal person you want to be is?

Pick a loved one and say something about them
Erm...jin yee~~whn u going to pass up ur sivik project huh?
Nvm..i knoe u are doing ur speed up pls..
Do u knoe everyone had pass up?

Ten people to tag
1 jin yee
2 sheou jun
3 carmen
4 pui see
5 rebecca
6 poo chi
7 cai ling
8 sze wei
9 tsui ling
10 sze yuen

Who is no.2 having relationship with?

Is no.3 a female or a male?
100% female xd

If no.7 and no.10 were to get together would it be a good thing?
No way..i dun wan my frenz to be les

How about no.5 and 8?

What is number 1 studying for?
Science stream ? hahaha ..

When was the last time you chatted with them?
Juz a second be4 i wrote tiz?

Is number 4 single?
Erm .. yes .. i tinkk

Talk about no.2.
Smart i dun like the way she walk..she shuld improve and recorect the way she standing and walking

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