Sunday, September 28, 2008

hmm...few day din post new post
feel so lazy to type talk bk few days ago

wednesday 24/09
hmm..during BC lessons
another teacher came...
teacher which like to 'zat' ppl
once she juz came in the class
she wanted us to write a ‘通告'
so..she called a boi
thn the boi hab to cal another person
and she say
u shuld know mie pattern
okie...thn...zhi yeen went out
and write the date
which is correct format
thn the teacher called another boy to gib 1 wrong example
so...tat boi gib a wrong example
and tat teacher say
onli abnormal ppl wil write tiz
is tiz means tat boi was abnormal?
how can the teacher say it?
she is the one who wanted him to gib a wrong example
so he gived
wats the wrong he had done?
after tat
she asked us who wana drop BC tiz subject
no one wanna drop
but she scared sum ppl wil make our skul d percentage drop
so she ask those ppl which is weak in tiz subject
do u reali wanna take tiz subject?
and if u failed in tiz subject
u're nt allow to take tiz subject
u wil make our skul passing rate drop
and if u failed and stil wanna take tiz subject
u hav to talk wid the headmaster
and thn be4 she leave the class...
she said..这次就玩着你们一节先~!!!
she's a DEVIL!

thursday 25/09
todai 1st and second period is moral
teacher gib us sum exercise to do
and she said ONLY
okies..tats not onli
tats lotz of hw
bm lessons
having sastera todai
nth special
juz like normal
teacher din come
duno wer she go
we have our sweet time
chit-chat and revise
teacher gib us sum tips
bt the tips she gav is equal to din giv

friday 26/09
todai is mie unlucky day...
after skul whn i walk bk to home..
meet a colurwolf
riding a motosikal
thn..he came
and touch mii
wtf..i feel like wanna kill him
how could him do tat
i'm huging mie book
and he came and make mie book drop on the floor
and do sumting...
a malay guy...
thn...after i went bk home
take a bath and hav mie lunch
thn i went to timesquare
wid jin yee and shed lee
sony cyber-shot T77
new camera

original price-RM1299.00
we went ther and queue up at afternoon 4
to buy the camera
cause having promotion ther
the earlier u queue up the cheapest the price u can get
the price is among RM8-RM888
we went ther one day ealier be4 tat camera start to sell
i though we r the earliest
bt who knows...
thers more thn 100 ppl queue-ing up
so many ppl..T.T

at nitez..ther's sum arguement
sum ppl 插队
so many ppl get angry
sum guard came
and settle tiz condition
i'm hungry
went to buy sum mcdonold tat time
bt becuz of the argument
mie mcdonold..gib ppl 踩到
so..mie mcdonold fly..-.-
gone..giv ppl 踩到..><
colouring...without tiz 'T' we cant buy the camera

be4 sleep..

sleeping time...
we slep at the street
and i slept at midnight 3.30 and woke up at 4.00
juz slept for half hrs
thn curi-curi take sum photo during jin yee sleeping..kekeke

sleeping face

jin yee beat jor..T_T pain nia

waited til next day 10.30 morning

wer u looking?
the time to buy the camera
i get the num 127
so..price to buy the camera is RM688
its expansive but still cheaper thn the original price
so i bought it..^^

-i defy-
-let the ra|n fa|| down-
-and wake m|e dream-

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