Tuesday, September 23, 2008

todai i'm smart..
during pjk lessons
i get myself away from the ball and i dint touches the ball todai
lucky...if nt i muz hav more thn one footprint on mie skul shoes..XD
after pjk lesson mie class having BC which we hab not interested in tiz subject since secondary skul
dun ask mi y...
becuz i also duno y now
i dun like bc
its seems like a subject tats hard and complicated

EST...our class get scolded again
by pn. francis
we din do her hw so she was angry
after a while
whn she clam down
she started the lessons and cal us erase all the ting she scolded us

and start the topic ''GARBAGE ENZYME''

wao..i feel pity to her daughter
without knowing her mother adding garbage enzyme into her water

okie...the process of making garbage enzyme
1.brown sugar

which the ratio is 1:3:10
how could i imagine tat i'm eating the enzyme and using those enzyme for bathing..moping the floor
and even drink it~!

pn.francis told us the enzyme was gud
after she tried using the garbage enzyme to wash her hair
she din't hav to use any conditioner@@
and the lizard and the cockroach in her house had gone

tiz make mi feel like i'm going to try tiz garbage enzyme
cuz i hate lizards!!!! ANTI-LIZARDS!!!

after we said gud morning sir
we continue by saying sorry sir but it was no use...
teacher seem like stil angry us
he din gib us paper todai
but we hab to copy our own notes
din bring full sketch paper so i get the paper from sheou jun
@@ sheou jun full sketch paper is getting thinner and thinner

but nvm larhx
i know sheou jun u're a gud person..hehehehe

i felt tat teacher is an irresposible person=(
she dun wan to teach us

she cal us to finish the hw she gav do carta minda and sum exercise
she cal us read by ourself
again..saying we'r smart
i juz feel like i wanna take up mie water bottle and throw it to her..-.-''
our exam is around the corner and she din manage to finish all the syallable
and said the she dun wanna talk much to us!

after skul...
having sum maths revision
act not reali revising..
for mii
is more on chit-chat and gossiping

so hardworking..gud girls
jin yee..u break the skul rules..bring hp to skul

acting cute a??hahahha

about 3 sumting jin yee, sheoun jun and i went post sumting
we waited around 1 hrs
and finally..
its our turns

while waiting
i realize y so slow cuz the ppl who doing ting are kip talking
slow motion >"<


pos ekspress..1st time in mie life..XD
reached home at 4.30...[late]

-th|nk of m| wak|ng-
-s|lent and res|gned-

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