Monday, September 22, 2008

todai act wanted to ply badminton
bt so unlucky..><>
and hav a footprint on mie shoes..XD

thn..zhi yeen[class monitor]
she went to melaka during weekends
she bought sum dodo for us to eat
taste good
i ate tat during sej lesson
scary man..
whn i'm eating halfway
and the teacher came

i finish it in juz 1 second without knowing by teacher..=)

pn.buvanes taught us new chapter which is index
@@ how come tiz chapter so easy??
whn compare to others chapter
it was short and working is less

sej lessons......
todai teacher yelled at us
say us
no manners
we din't respect teacher
hey~wat wrong ther?
y she say tat?
does't she knew tat
sej is such a lame subject
and ur teaching ways gt bit of problem..XD
if the ways u teach us is gud
we wil listen wat u said
but wat u said is totally bored
nvm...exam is around the corner

yet we haven finish our syllabus~!!!
and cuz teacher say we dun respect her
so she decide nt to teach us
she say we'r smart
no nid to teach

read by urself
and juz gav us hw to do
thn bell rang...
its time to go home =p

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