Monday, November 10, 2008

ok...finally post all the pic which take mii almost 2 hrss..=.=''
i tink next time better dun take so much piccx..i gonna suffer from uploading all those pic

Todai we having class party in jean pheng's house..
his house located up of the hills..sumone say sumtimes he walk back home
huh...tiz is a gud exercise..isnt? Walk all the way up to the hill...cant even imagine
went ther buy zhi yeen's father car..reached esso and saw liquen they all so we follow their car
act all of us duno how to go hiss house...
okiex..whn we reach ther..1st ting to do
sure iss looking here and ther..wondering how nice is his house
wao...ther's fishhhxx wat tat fish name?? No idea..forgt...
hahaa..fishhy which eat our dead skin..everyone wanted to try
starting we juz putting our hand...thn...po chi
she put her leg into the water..omg..soon leong, jin yee and mi was kip laughing non-stop
and act the idea is from paiseh..[sry uncle.. better go and check ur fishx stil ok anot]

From his house..we can see our skul..@@
pic time....take pic although nth to see ther...onli skulll

Aftert tat...we went to basement... pong..@@
so 'yeng' whn we ply snookers..hahahaha

I was shock...whn i saw chao xiang plying ps2 o_O
i though he onli know how to memorable view
quickly take photo..lolxx prove tat he's nt a bookworm

Dinner time..steamboat and BBQ..
oh ya...i forgt sumting..the drinkss
damn sweet...ned to add water...
i wil remember itt forever..XD
crazy boix

After eating..pic time againxx
took lotz of pic..funny

Be4 we went bk home....
we celebrate min yeen, samantha and han yang bday~
hapi bday to u guys~

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