Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yeahh~~~the end of skul life for 2008

Yesterday went to skul...
cuz after skul going for pizza..yummy yummy
teachers having jamuan and sumone told us 12 can back home
but who knows...
12 went all went down
gosh..gib pengawas halau balik pula
tat time we stil so happy though can go back ealier..
kekeke..i snap a photo~~
funny i nt dare to post up larhx
later gib 'sumone' kill
zam mi into 18 lok
thn i die lerhx...soon leong horrrrrrr
Lolz...i din say the pic is who o..^o^

After skul went for pizza~~~
funny alotzz
zan yee...weirdo
drinking soup wid adding pepper and salt..@@
even pizza also hav to add..

Deciding wat to order..

zan yee..the weirdo

ah teoh..funny action =)

thn..tok about singing k~
ah teoh and ivy..2 joker
acting sumone..hahahah
i stil can remember itt..xD


After pizza tuition time~~>"<
went to bream house for account tuition
tired...juz feel like wanna sleep bt cant..
teacher sitting infront of us how am i suppose to sleep = =''
1 and half hrs later...
finally ended
went back home and hab a nice bath next...
sweetest moment for miii

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