Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Gosh...Form5 tiz year....
gonna suffer from studying
facing for the exam~SPM
++skul trial exam...>"<
wat i can say is..GOD BLESS MI!!!
i dun think i will have flying colour result..xD
skul reopen at 5/1 ~~~
juz hope i can wake up in the early morning..LOL

Yesterday..went for countdown~~~
Fun?~~i duno..juz feel like those ppl wer gone mad
spraying ppl non stop...yeshhh
i juz walk passby thm...thn suddenly all spray on mii
i cant even open my eyes too see....
juz close my eyes and simply spray =.=
saw ah teoh...Lolzzz
i tink im the 1st ppl to spray him..
cuz he look clean =.=

-new year new life-
-do all the best u can-
-live wid a interesting life-

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