Thursday, January 8, 2009

9-12 DEC YEAR2008

VISTANA HOTEL!!!!!~~ we stay at vistana hotel durin these few days~ from our room...can hab a look on the nice view of Penang @.@ opposite iss the place wer ppl ply golf...SO NICE LEHX!!! After sum rest and bath... we went to Queenbays Mall hab our dinner thn..sumone suggest us to go Taiwan Bull eat about 10++ ppl went ther and order food thn....sze wei saw a poster~~PASTA @@ look so she went ther and see anyting nice 2 eat after few minute...she call us and move to the another restorent in the end~~ all 'run' out from the Taiwan Bull so paiseh lerhx... Next~~after dinner we take sum photo together Next destination~~PESTA PULAU PENANG!!
on the way to pesta pulau penang~

While we waiting for teacher to buy tickets for us
we were so bored...
so~~all of uss send a sms to teacher[Miss.Tan]
''Do you want go pesta wid me?''
All of us send the same sms to teacher..Lols

1st game we ply~
wao...after sitting the 'challenger'
i cant even stand properly and feel like wanna vomit

we went to mamak ther to eat and chat
1st time in mie life
saw a such giant roti tisu..lols
and thn we name the roti tisu as 'ROTI WAAAA'
cuz whn we saw tat roti tisu all say 'WAAAA'


Todai~we went to SPICE GARDEN
learn about plants and herbs
thn we drank sum spice coffee..taste nt bad

After tat...we went to butterfly farm

thn~~we went to beach...lols
whn we reach ther...
sheou jun, kit yee, hui xin, li quan and i bought a same shorts[different colour]
thn we go to the toilet and change...

Few hours later...we hab our bath ther cuz we hab to go GURNEY to hab our dinner
the food ther...expansive niaa if compare to other place in penang
after dinner..we went to the beach ther and take sum photo onli i noe penang gt 'GAY GARDEN'

we wake up early in the morning...
went to youth park..JUNGLE TRACKING
who knoes we sesat jalan jor....
thn saw a
we ask her izit nid veri long onli wil reach
her ans is VERY NEAR!!
thn we continue walk...
bt walk so long also haven reach
take long time.....
whn we reach botanical garden...
we call teacher to tell her we nt at youth park
we have walk hill by hill and now...
we'r in another place...

After jungle tracking..Breakfast!![DIMSUM]
Kl dim sum nicerr xD

todaii after we check-out
we went to toy museum

lols...funny huh

ps: zan ye duno how to swallow medicine!! LOLZ

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