Saturday, January 17, 2009


Starting of the new year...and cuming of the chinese new year!!!

PHOTO TAKEN BY: SOON LEONG<-----camera men..xD

Last period...Biology

everyone waiting for the bell ring...

todai after skul...
most of us [5a11]
stay back for khaligrafi<---duno right anot..xD
After last lesson.....
we had our lunch at skul canteen

wei ming eating mihun...hahaha
thn~~we went to the open hall register and take the red paper....
1paper cost 1 dolor..@.@[eat money keh]
cuz infront all full of ppl...
we're 5a11~
~PERPADUAN...LOL All must sit TOGETHER!!!!
so...we're special...sitting at the back of open hall..xD
5a11 gangs~~
starting to take photo even though we haven start our writing..
Lolz everyone was staring at us...
see the paper all blanks de

be4 writing..say yeah~~

how to fold the paper huh???
zan ye...

started to write
jin yee
yee wen
wan yee

hui xin
wan qi
sze wei
mi..yweng yian

li quen

sheou jun
new student...xD welcome welcome

see the way ah teoh sitting...LOL

sze wei, min yeen, choon bee

sze wei and ivy
mi, zhi yeen and sheou jun


say YEAH!!!!
hui ying, hui xin and chee han

ah teoh, karrman, wei ming, kit yee

5a11 RoxxX!!
show ur writing outt...Lolz
wa..mother so yeng


After khaligrafi...

mana muka saya..T_T

we went zhi yeen house...
act go ther for nth...juz yum cha..LOL
3.20pm...we bck home~

-| was young bt | wasn't na|ve-
-on the bou|evard of dreamss-

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