Saturday, January 17, 2009


Todai went tuition at kasturi...
the ordinarly plans was im going to meet Elaine at lrt station
bt thn my dadi say he wil fetch mi til kasturi... nid so early go out..
sure i wil do my ting wid a turtle speed...xD
thn..kena dadi marah..cuz he was late...T_T

but who knoesss....traffic jam...@@
make road...omg
and thn my dadi say...
y dun they make road on sunday..y muz saturday
and y dun use those make road car..
nid to use human..xD

okie...face the music..tats all my fault
cuz i do ting wid turtle speed..
and my dadi late for work..

whn i reached kasturi..
Elaine and SookHui haven reach
i choose a place which i think is the middle...
bt Elaine say ''y sit til so infront?''
lols...i think is middle jor luxx...

1st lessons..SEJARAH
yeshh...scary larhx..
the teacher like to ask ppl question...[lucky x kena]
the teacher..joker niaa..hahahaha

after sejarah...
we went to popular..
and i bought the paper clip..
a fishhy look..cute..>"<
while Elaine bought the paper clip in bone and teeth shape

becuz last week teacher din come
another teacher ganti
so i duno whether tiz teacher gud anot
until todai...onli i realise the teacher was good!!!
learn about rate of reaction...

todai learn about transport of water...
after lessons..still gt about 5 minit left
teacher ask us sum question about previous lessons
the 1st ppl he MIIIII
OMGGGG...i duno how to ans larxxxx
everyone looking at mii
and i duno how to ans ittt
juz at ther kipp laughing..Lolzz[i also duno y wil laugh]
juz bought a ''fish'' paper clip
who knoes now reali so 'fish'...>"<

mostt funny teacher between other subject[for mii]
sook hui say tiz teacher gt bit ''na ying'' worrr...xD
bt i think the way he teach funny and interesting
todai learn about refraction of waves...
whn talk about sea waves..
teacher explain about the shoreline-shaped wavefronts
and he said tat...
the place suitable for us to swim-BAY
the place which is dangerous-CAPE
sumone may go ther and nva cum bk<--joking
his reaction was so funny larhxx...
i remember last week 1st time enter his class
the way he teach us..
make mii kip laugh non-stop...xD

After tuition..
go for a walk in petaling street..
Elaine bought a new cap..
the cap she like... x ada
so she buy another 1...duno wat colour jor..[blue-red??]

thn we take lrt back sri petaling station
while i hab to wait for my sis to reach ther
thn my sis call and ask wer am ii
i said in sri petaling lrt station
she ask mi y go ther..shuld gt bukit jalil
cuz sri petaling no teksi..xD
so i decide to go bukit jalil...
bt my sis tell mii tat she now juzz in lrt and in pudu @@
means i hab to wait for 20 minute
so i juz chat wid elaine.. until forgt mau pergi bukit jalil = =''
sis call and said she reached jor...
bt i stil at sri petaling..LOL
paiseh paiseh..nid her wait back mii..sry..hehe

-On the border |ine of the edge-
-where | wa|k a|one-
-ch3ck my v|tal |ine-
-my shadow's the on|i on3 wa|ks b3sid3 m|-

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