Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ra|n|ng daY~=)

Everytimes it is raining always remind me...
about the song” rythme of the rain”
although this song does not have any connection to me
but i always feel comfortable
and a little bit sad everytimes listen to it…a little bit weird,
hmmm.. anyway
in my opinion nothing could be happier
than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate
and looking the raining is falling outside the window
while listen to the music ……..
kind of romance thing but you can do it by yourself
so happy and release any trouble and stress in the busy life……
that’s the way we can slow down the pace of life

I thought todai we will hab a test on peribahasa..
bt teacher says tat the test will be change to 2moro..
becuz of sum problem..
lucky...cuz i nt reali memorise all...
yesterday slept while i trying to remember
those peribahasa
bt i FAILED...
juz 5 minute later..
i slept like a pig...xD
it's nt my fault..
im tired!!!!

Todai durin chemistry lessons...
we do an experiment on soda-lime glass
FUN =)
1st time...
i try to twist the soda-lime glass...LOL
bt...everytime also break...herngzzz!!!


todai during sivik lessons...
i dun hab anymore exercise book left
so i dint do sivik homework...
thn whn teacher checked..
and call all of us who dint finish the homework she gave
stand infront the class
and wanna punish us...=.=
and end up wid the pusnishment which is....
1st...we sing skul song..
thn sum of our frenz request us to sing wilayah song<--high key..LOL
thn sumone sing wrg..hahahha
in the end...we sing skul song again..=.=
hmm..i think tis nt the day for mii

After skul...
i stay back for the latihan sukan..
thn after tat went for tuition
onli back home at 6.30p.m
walk back wid kit yee..
thn on the way back..
we met yap sing ping<--duno how to spell his name
thn he accompany us to walk back
although his house was the opposite direction from us

-h3r3 w3 ar3-
-|n th3 arm of one another-
-and w3 sti|| go on-
-search|ng for 3ach oth3r-

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