Sunday, February 8, 2009


todai i went bukit jalil~~ Endah Ria condo
i was excited and waiting for tiz day to come~!
tis the time..
i can met my camp's frenz during december
i miss them pretty much..
especially my group members..
miss u all so muchx..

all in reds~~

anyways~~ juz hab fun ther~~

after 'tuan bai'
went sheou jun house
take ang pau..
back home almost 6 sumting

beautiful firework~
i take sum of the pic from my house
juz becuz im staying in 15 floor
i manage to see different firework
from different places and direction

-wat | thought was a dr3am-
-an m|rage-
-was as r3a| as it se3m3d-
- a pr|evi|ege-

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