Saturday, February 14, 2009

13/2/09-painting again=P

todai juz as normal..
after skul i stay back for painting the class
cuz we haven finish painting the siling~~ take us so much time to finish it..
even todai
we also cant manage to finish it =P
so maybe hab to stay for more few days?

erm..can i noe wat pose is tiss??LOL

our class is juz a mess~!
cant imagine how r we going to clean it up
hopefully we can do it..xD
arhgxxx..i hab no heart..

-|m sp3nd|ng too long-
-ch3ck|ng my tongue |n th3 m|rror-
-and b3nd|ing ov3r backwards-
-juz to try to s33 |t c|earer-
-my br3ath fogg3d up th3 g|ass-
-so | dr3w a n3w fac3 and |augh3d-

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