Saturday, February 14, 2009

14/2/09 ``HAPPY VAL3NT|N3~~

I love to hear you say that you love me
With words so sweet
And I love the way with just one whisper
You tell me everything
And when you say those words
It's the sweetest thing I've ever heard
But when your eyes say it
That's when I know that it's true
I feel the love coming through
I know that you truly care for me
'Cause it's there to see
When your eyes say it
I love all the ways that you show me
You'll never leave
And the way your kisses
they always convince me
Your feelings run so deep
I love the things you say
And I love the love your touch conveys
I know that you truly care for me
'Cause it's there to see
I know they're not tellin' lies
They tell me
All that you're feelin' inside
And it sounds so right
And the words that say take my breath away
No song ever sounded so sweet
I love every word that u say to me

-my wor|d has tw|c3 as many stars |n th3 sky-
-caus3 of u mak3 |t though 3v3ry storm-
-i'm so g|ad i found eu-
-nva knew |ub |ik3 t|z-
-wou|d 3v3r wak3 m| ins|d3-
-th|nk of u fond|y-
-a|| juz b3cuz of u-
-| lov3 you-

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