Tuesday, February 17, 2009

finally i bought eclipse
i juz finish reading new moon
which i hab bought for a months ago..
bt i onli take 2 days to finish it =P
currently bz wid exam
so i duno whn i hab time to continue my eclipse >"<
the storys make mii burn midnitez oil to finish it
the story was so touch and romance
lub it so much~~!
frenz shuld read it..
and u nva regret!

In the dead silence,all the details suddenly
fell into place for mi with a burst of intuition.
Something Edward didn't want me to know.
Something that Jacob wouldn't have kept from me....
It was never going to end, was it?

todai i was late for tuition..
miss 2 lessons..xD
but nevermind
at least i attend for the others 2 lesson

-what | thought wasn't all-
-so |nnoc3nt-
-was a d3|icat3 do||-
-of porc3|ain-

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