Tuesday, March 17, 2009

kuantan trip-sg. lembing

woohoo~~~the end of 1st term exam!!!!!
at nitez..we gather at miss tan house

sum arrive early and they went to mamak stall to hav their dinner
poh yee duno the way to miss tan house
so..i call her wait at sheou jun hse
thn i call my daddy to go ther and bring us to miss tan house
i though i was late...bt who knows
the bus arrived more late
miss tan told us the bus was NEW
ahem...we so excited~~~

when we reached sg.lembing
we went to the hotel to put our bags

thn we take 4x4 car<---actually is lori hahaa..
i guess my classmate gt problem
exam until sot jor...
wat also talk about physic..bio...chem..sej

during 4x4
miss tan : remember about the
inertia arhx...

after breakfast..

we ride 4x4 car to rainbow waterfall
it take about 1 hrs
and another 1 hrs walk to reach ther
tat was reali reali FUN
everyone get excited during the 4x4 ride
juz like playing games...
u hav to duck the trees around u
and the buttock will bound up and down
tats reali pain......
the feelings was indescribable
the starting of the journey to rainbow waterfall
my slipper spoil
and i have to walk wid my BARE FOOT

but the moment i saw the rainbow waterfall
wat i can say??? IS ALL WORTH~!!


we wake up at 4.30 a.m
we went for hiking
walk up the hill
to see sunrise
bt we're unlucky
raining day and we cant see the sunrise

OH ya...the food selling ther was so cheap
yong tao fu+ a bowl of mee
guess wat??
the price was onli RM2.30

during the way home..
bus rosak pula~!!!!!
and most memorable moment
is tat....
we do our small business beside the high way...>"<
wat a new experiences..xD

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