Monday, May 4, 2009

2/5/09 lee hom concert!!


Since a little boy
LeeHom has idolized American superheroes
such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and other superheroes.
Because of that,
this concert will make LeeHom as the new member of those superheroes,
that is MUSIC-MAN~!!!!
Different from the Heroes of Earth concert that was full of the Chinked-Out concept,
this time the concept is full of caricature and full of futuristic things,
making this concert full of new nuance!!

Music-Man and his weapon; Designed by famed Irish guitar master, Alistair Hay

Showcasing his latest G-Clef dragon-shaped electric guitar, dubbed 'Bahamut' (dragon-king) costing over

here got 4 LeeHom..
xiao wang, xiao lee, xiao hom..
the white one is Lee Hom

The Lee Hom quadruplets got the crowd all confused whether Lee Hom was the drummer guy in blue.

His stage performance was great
and besides the dance moves
and *coughstandingonpianocough*,
he even did a disappearing act from a box on stage
and appearing from a stage in the middle of the crowd.

Fans seated till the utmost top row of the stadium

the concert ends at 11pm++
The concert ended on a high note and left fans in awe wanting more.

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