Sunday, May 31, 2009

RELAY FOR LIFE KL 2009 - [ 30th May ~ 31th May 2009 ]

The Relay for Life (RFL) KL 2009 is a 16 hour marathon walk organized by the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) for the past two years.

In 2007, the inaugural Relay for Life KL attracted over 3000 participants from across Malaysia of all ages and from all walks of life. The surrounding publicity touched even more lives, creating a heightened awareness of cancer issues.

the objective of relay for life :

A walk to symbolize solidarity with cancer patients and support for the fight against cancer.

when we reached msn training track..
there was full of people
we registered and get our t-shirt
i saw David Cook's fans here
thn onli i know tat David Cook's elder brother-Adam Neal Cook
which passed away because of cancer....
jin yee told mi tat those ppl which wearing orange t-shirt are survivors of cancer
i was shock...cuz ther's many ppl wearing orange t-shirt
included those ING people[dont tell mi they're survivors too]
hahahaha...onli those wearing orange t-shirt with a hope in front
they're survivors..but not all laa....shock mii

the survivors

thn all of us get a balloon .. are taken


let's jump~~

bao sook...

jin yee


playing with the balloon..xD

big family..hahaha

tatt sheng

OH NO~!up ther so dangerous..5d cum down la!!

are they the survivors too??

After tat...we went back to our sit for a short break
i'm so thirsty le..finished whole bottle of water..xD
thn elaine gav us sum cookies
thanks elaine...=P

than at nitez..
elaine bought sum paper bag
and decorate it

when the ceremony start..
the candle in the paper bag are lighted up

peace to u

At 10pm...we have a backwards lap
everyone was walking backward
i walked too fast and knock the person behind mi
i fall on the track
meanwhile...2 guys infront mi also dint saw mi
thn they falls on mii :(

While at 11pm..

we have our MASS AEROBICS
i'm really sweating~!!!
my muscle are so pain right now...

wuwuwu...i wanna sleep too....
min yeen

next day..
we learn yoga...
following by the guolin qi gong..
i remember wat '' xi xi hu''
we dance on the stage!!!!!!!!!!
wee..umbrella! u can stand under my umbrella..ella ella eh eh eh
under my umbrella~~
* We Celebrate the lives of those who had battled cancer and find solace and inspiration
in the strength of the survivors ad we continue to fight .
* We Remember loved ones who had fallen in their fight , at the Relay we walk side by side
with people battling cancer to commiserate and find healing .
* We Fight Back! By participating in the Relay we aim to raise the bar on the awareness of cancer
and put an end to the diseases.

-We plan to work,-
-we work the plan.
-But when we fail to plan,-
-we plan to fail!-

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