Wednesday, June 10, 2009

genting trip 8-6-09 ~ 9-6-09

erm...cuz last time save as draft
lols..i forgt wad happened at genting =P

in the cable car..=P
aiyoyo...very beautiful liao la!!

oh ya! wad i remember is ther was a lotzz of waiting~!!!
we have to wait whn check in-check out
feel like wasting the time for WAITING!

two 'brothers'

1st day~
went to snow house~

carmen: oh help!!
lunch time!!
and others i forgt...hahahaha
than played archery
i alwix miss the target in archery
unlike hui xin..she played well
follow by dinner~
waaa..1 plate of mee cost mi RM13
and a cup of water cost mi RM5
circles...totally bored..not interesting at all!!

at nitez...wanna go for movie movie let us watch!
too bored nth to do..hahahaha stupiak!
thn wanna sing k
too expansive!
and we end up...
sitting at the starbuck
drinking hot chocolate
and chit chat~played card
and i so stupid la!
lols....when carmen say...
killer u know u wanna kill who da hor?
than i ANSWER HER!!!
than all laugh at mii
say 1st time saw so stupid de killer
admit killer by urself...LOL
jin yee@goldfish,poh yee@teapot,mi

second day~
went to theme park...
SPACE SHOT!! here i cum...
this was the second time i played it
but...feel little bit scary onli
cuz 1st time sit tat time feel more scared =P

thn after tat...i forgt wad happened @@
carmen,pui see and mi
pui see and poh yee
poh yee@tea pot

sim yen,lee leng,pui see,carmen,jin yee,mi,benjamin,and duno who is tat..

pui see,carmen,mi
pui see,carmen, mi

mi and jin yee@goldfish
poh yee@teapot

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